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          RTM called resin transfer molding, it is vacuum assisted, closed molding process. Male mold plus female mold structure achieves two smooth surfaces, which is the major advantange of this process.

          Fiberglass reinforcement mat or woven roving is placed in the mold, then closed and clamped molds. Catalyzed, low-viscosity resin is pumped into mold cavity under pressure, until the mold is filled.

          Once the resin is cured, the male mold is removed and the part is de-molded from the female mold.

          Suitable for medium volume and high surface quality parts, RTM ( resin transfer molding ) is usually considered an intermediate process between the hand lay process with low mold investment and fiberglass sheet molding with higher mold investment,


          1) High glossy gel coat finish.

          2) Both smooth sufaces.

          3) Suitable for mid volume products.

          4) High streigth-to-weight requirements.

          5) Dimention stability bether than fiberglass hand lay up parts.

          6) Labor saving, higher efficiency than fiberglass hand lay parts. 

          Our Production capacity:

          1) Complete three production lines.

          2) Experienced workers, engineers and QC.


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